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Tel: (+44) 0121 3282320/ (+44) 0121 327 4643

29 Alum Rock Road
Birmingham, West Midlands,
B8 1LR,
United Kindgom.

Asif's Pharmacy is proud to be a sponsorer of Ar-Rahmah Trust, a UK registered charity, in providing support with food and education projects for vulnerable orphan girls, women and the poor.
Pharmacy Blog

The new Influenza Vaccine...(0)

posted on   13th December 2013

251Fluenz, which will be offered to children on the NHS from this year contains gelatin of porcine origin. For more information click here

Hajj 2013...(0)

posted on   12th June 2013

If you are contemplating on performing Hajj this year then now is the time to be thinking about the vaccination requirements for Hajj. The only vaccine which is mandatory for Hajj is the Meningitis Vaccination. Asif's Pharmacy is the market leader for the highest number of meningitis vaccinations (Menveo) adminstered in a Pharmacy last year in the United Kingdom (figures supplied by Novartis Va.....

Umrah Season...(0)

posted on   9th January 2013

The Umrah Season has Started-Menigitis Vaccination Asif's Pharmacy is now adminstering the vaccination. Contact the Pharmacy for an appointment at your convenience. The Umrah Visa system is now open, Alhamdulillah The earliest departure would be 10 January 2013. .....

Information from Vitabiotics about list of their products which are halal...(0)

posted on   11th October 2012


10th October 2012.


The Pharmacist,

Asif’s Pharmacy.


Dear Customer,


Thank you for your recent phone call to the Vitabiotics’ London head office.


We would like to inform you that the gelatin used in the capsule shells of Pregnacare Plus and

Pregnacare Breastfeeding is Halal-certified by the Institut musulman des viands et de l’agro-

alimentaire that the beef gelatin is produced from beef slaughtered according to Islamic rules done

under its authority.


The nature of animal tissues used in manufacture are bovine bones or bovine hide splits free from

skulls, spinal cord and vertebrae. The countries of origin of source materials include Austria,

Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg,

the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,

the United Kingdom, Argentina and Brazil.


Please find the following a list of Vitabiotics’ products that are suitable for vegetarians, you may also


find this information on our FAQ’s section on our official website



Cardioace Tablets, Diabetone Tablets,Feroglobin-B12 Liquid, Feroglobin Plus Liquid, Immunace

Tablets, Immunace Extra Protection, Liverel Tablets, Menopace Calcium, Menopace Night, Menopace

Redclover Capsules, Menopace Tablets, Menopace Plus, Neurozan Tablets, Osteocare Chewable,

Osteocare Fizz, Osteocare Liquid, Osteocare Original Tablets, Perfectil Plus Nails, Perfectil Tablets,

Pregnacare His and Hers Tablets, Pregnacare Tablets, Pregnacare Conception, Ultra B-Complex, Ultra

Vitamin C, Ultra Co-Q10, Ultra Vitamin D3, Ultra Vitamin E, Ultra Ginkgo & Ginseng, Ultra L-Carnitine

and ALA, Ultra Lycopene, Ultra Cranberry, Ultra Garlic, Ultra Bilberry, Visionace Tablets, Wellkid

Chewable Tablets, Wellkid Baby & Infant Liquid, Wellteen Tablets, Wellman 50+ Tablets, Wellman

70+ Tablets, Wellman Conception, Wellman Drink, Wellman Fizz , Wellman Prostate, Wellman Sport,

Wellman Tablets, Tricologic Man, Wellwoman 50+ Tablets, Wellwoman 70+, Wellwoman Fizz,

Wellwoman Sport and Fitness Tablets, Wellwoman Inner Cleanse Tablets, Wellwoman Drink.


We hope this information is useful and please do not hesitate to contact us again in the future.


Best Regards,


Product Care Team.

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Lamberts Osteoguard Tablets Pack of 90
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Welcome to Asif’s Pharmacy, 29 Alum Rock Road,  located in the heart of Birmingham.

Our Principal Pharmacist has been serving the community around Alum Rock for over 25 years and is very familiar with the needs of the local people.

Our aim is to make a positive and caring contribution to the community it serves, together with the best healthcare and dispensing services.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online or by calling the pharmacy.                

We Collect prescriptions from the Pak Health Centre, the Saltley Health Centre, Amaanah and Oakleaf Medical practises and from many other Surgeries in the Alum Rock, Nechells, Stechford, Small Heath, Bordesley Green, Sparkhill, Sparkbrook and other areas of Birmingham.

We provide a free prescription delivery service.

We can dispense private prescriptions at discount prices. You can request a price online.

We provide NHS services like MURs, New Medicine Service, Methadone Dispensing, and issue free needles in the Substance Misuse Programme.                 

Our “Stop Smoking" clinic has been very successful for giving up smoking.

Our Online Pharmacy Shopping is very popular and provides Pharmacy products at very competitive and low prices.

We provide a meningitis vaccination service for pilgrims going for Hajj or Umrah. We stock the latest meningitis (ACWYvax and Menveo) and flu vaccines according to the DoH/Saudi government regulations. We administer them and issue the necessary certificate which complies with the requirements of the Saudi Embassy for visa purposes.   Muslims have travelled to our pharmacy from London, Coventry, Derby, Nottingham, Gloucester, Sheffield, Walsall, Dudley, Halesowen, and other parts of West Midlands for this cheap vaccination.

We are able to advise on which medicines are halal (permitted according to Islamic law) or haram (forbidden).

We take Instant passport photographs while you wait.

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